Payroll Questionnaire

In order to assist you, kindly complete the questionnaire and email or fax it
to us.

   1.       What Industry does the company operate in

   2.       How many employees does the company employ

   3.       Is the company registered for Payroll Taxes
            (PAYE,UIF and / SDL)
            Does the company contribute towards UIF and /SDL

   4.       Are all employees registered Tax Payers
            (Do employees have income tax  reference number)

   5.       Are salaries/wages paid out monthly, bi-weekly or weekly  

   6.       Are employees remunerated based strictly on the number of        
             hours  worked?
             If so does the company/employer maintain time sheets

   7.       Does the company make use of a payroll package/software or is  
             payroll processed manually?
             If payroll is processed manually does the                  
             company/employer keep and maintain a salary schedule

   8.       Does the company have any outstanding returns
             or reconciliations that they are aware of
             EMP 201 (Monthly Employer Declarations)
             EMP 501 (Bi-annual Reconciliations)

   9.       Does the company owes SARS for any returns
             submitted that they are aware of

  10.     Does the company/employer issue Tax Certificates
           (IRP5/IT3(a)) to all  employees.